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chronic illness support

Resources that offer support for people suffering with CFS/ME and similar chronic illnesses.  I have found these stories helpful in terms of solidarity and advice.  If you have a favorite, please share it!  This list will evolve over time, so check back.

Coping With Illness

Butyoudon’tlooksick is a fantastic resource for support, inspiration, and information on dealing with a chronic illness.

Toni Bernhard is a writer and a buddhist who has CFS.  She wrote How to Be Sick and has some really helpful ideas for living a full life even with illness: Toni Bernhard

Laura Hillenbrand, the author of Seabiscuit, has been living with severe CFS for over 20 years.  Here is her personal essay about becoming ill, as well as an interview discussing her life with CFS:A Sudden Illness – How My Life Changed & An Author Escapes From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – NYTimes.com

Rest Ministries offers support for dealing with chronic pain and chronic illness from a Christian perspective: Rest Ministries

Danea Horn has just written (what sounds like) a hopeful and important book about living with chronic illness.  She has some great things to say, even just in this interview.  There is also a link to her book: Chronic Resilience: An Interview with Danea Horn | Psychology Today

A documentary being made right now to raise CFS/ME awareness.  A grassroots effort that is really inspiring!  Blue Ribbon Project

Recovering from CFS/ME

This is probably my favorite recovery resource.  It is a wonderfully written blog by a woman who fully recovered from a long case of CFS.  She writes, weekly, about different lessons that she learned and encourages dialogue about other peoples’ experiences.  I find it a great mix of practical advice and, of course, a very hopeful testimony!  More than a few times I have read the exact thing I needed to hear at a given time on her blog.  I highly recommend: Martha’s Blog

This is just a smattering of quick looks at six different famous people who have dealt with and recovered from CFS.  It’s a good jumping-off point if you want to research some best-case-scenario stories.  Plus, you can tell people who doubt the severity of your illness, “Look, it took out an olympic canoeist.”  CFS/ME Recovery Stories

 Truth be told, some of the most inspirational stories I have read are right here on WordPress.  I love the blogs I follow so much- you are all courageous and mean a great deal to me.

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