spilt thoughts

navysonarjpg-14d0f573a6d34c85Here’s a moment where I don’t feel okay.

I am afraid that I have a disease that no one will ever understand or be able to help me with.  I fear that I will become lonelier and lonelier until the end.  I cannot craft into prose the exhaustion and pain of the last ten and a half months.

I could probably describe the sunset or the city lights but I have no words for this.  Aching neck- depleted body- disorientated mind.  Tired.

There is no poetry in illness.  Not for me, not now.

2 thoughts on “spilt thoughts

  1. Oh I’m so sorry to learn that you’re not doing okay. I know how isolating and lonely this illness can be but please know, you’re not alone. I understand exactly what you’re saying, even thought you can’t put it into words. I know, cos I’ve been there too. As hard as it is to believe and trust when you’re feeling so bad, it can and will improve. Sending hugs and much support while you continue to be so strong and ride it out. Xx

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